Asami Ogawa - Slave Color's Female Teacher #

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Movie ID: 1647
Actress: Asami Ogawa
Movie Length: 180 minutes
Movie Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
Censorship: Ultra Light Mosaic Video
Movie available on: Oct 1 2011

Asami Ogawa
167 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Breast: 87 cm (34 in) Cup:
Waist: 69 cm (27 in)
Hip: 89 cm (35 in)
Movies: 2

A high school student is enslaved by the gangsters in school, and Asami, as the school teacher is trying to save the girl. However, not able to save the girl, Asami, herself was captured and threaten by the gangsters.
Now both Asami and the student is enslaved, and they are forced to have group sex, and what is more hot, girl on girl lesbian action on each other. Actions non-stop in the 3 hour long movie!

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